Monday, April 27, 2009

We went. We walked. It rained.

We went to Monroe and tried to walk for the march. It rained cats and dogs and we still tried to walk. Then the lightning came and they told us we had to come in. By then we were soaked, the strollers were soaked and the babies were not happy. So we dried off and went to breakfast.

I just keep looking at Teagan & Kailyn, unable to believe how lucky I am. Hurting so much for Heather and Mike, afraid to even imagine what horrible pain they must be feeling. Reading Heather's blog, crying, hugging Teagan, trying to think of something to say in the comments.

Life just isn't fair sometimes. But we walk on, or at least we try.

With amazing timing, Teagan decided that Saturday afternoon - home from the walk and breakfast - was the perfect time to take his first, real, honest to goodness long strides. He teeters and totters, looks a little bit tipsy, but he walks...some might say he marches. Turns out it was a March for of Babies at our house after all, rain or shine.

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