Sunday, December 20, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm very bad at blogging. But I'm blogging this, because I really want a new vacum and Baby Rabies is giving one away!

Maybe if I have a new vaccum and don't have to clean as much, I'll have more time to blog?


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nighty Nite.

What a long week it's been. I know I promised to post more often, but goodness there is a lot going on. So I'll post a picture of how tired the little guy is - and simply say that I wish I was sleeping as soundly as he is!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Those little moments

Last night, after dinner and before bath and bedtime, Tim & Teagan & Jake & I went for a walk.

We didn't go far, it didn't take long. We walked down by the river and watched the birds and the ducks, saw the boats go by and looked for planes in the sky. It was relaxing, it was good for us, it was easy and it was FREE! ;-)

We spend so much time and money away from home. We make plans to go out and do 'fun' things and forget how much fun and relaxation there is to be had without even leaving the neighborhood.

I'm hoping we'll do this more often. Appreciate the little things, the simple things, the little moments. Remember how lucky we are to have each other, to have a nice home in a good area with nature so close by. Next week I want to take Kailyn along, because she will love it. Because she is still young enough (just like Teagan) to appreciate those little moments.

And maybe Tim and I can learn, through the eyes of our children, to appreciate the little moments too.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The rear view mirror

It's time to start blogging.

I set this blog up quite a while ago with the intent of sharing pictures of Teagan, stories about motherhood, successes with the step-kids and general rants and raves. It's been last on my to do list since then, as you'll note by the TWO posts I've made since I created it.

I realized today that in addition to unloading via writing, the blog offers an opportunity to collectively sort thru and look back at where you've been and how you've felt. Much like the journaling I've done throughout my life, I think blogging can (and will) help me to understand myself better, observe my growth and assess my decisions. Not to mention give me an opportunity to quickly scan back and see my adorable little guy grow up!

So here's the first in what I hope will be daily blog posts. I can't promise to be witty and entertaining all the time, though I hope it will get easier with time. The pictures, however, I promise will continue to be fabulous. With the subject I'm photographing I just don't think even I can go wrong.

Monday, April 27, 2009

We went. We walked. It rained.

We went to Monroe and tried to walk for the march. It rained cats and dogs and we still tried to walk. Then the lightning came and they told us we had to come in. By then we were soaked, the strollers were soaked and the babies were not happy. So we dried off and went to breakfast.

I just keep looking at Teagan & Kailyn, unable to believe how lucky I am. Hurting so much for Heather and Mike, afraid to even imagine what horrible pain they must be feeling. Reading Heather's blog, crying, hugging Teagan, trying to think of something to say in the comments.

Life just isn't fair sometimes. But we walk on, or at least we try.

With amazing timing, Teagan decided that Saturday afternoon - home from the walk and breakfast - was the perfect time to take his first, real, honest to goodness long strides. He teeters and totters, looks a little bit tipsy, but he walks...some might say he marches. Turns out it was a March for of Babies at our house after all, rain or shine.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Five things I love about being a Mom

I'm doing this as a for a trip around the world, Mama style. Here's a link to the 'departure lounge', with a complete explanation of what this trip is.

Things I LOVE about being a Mom:

  1. Bath time. I can not begin to tell you how glorious it is to see my little guy have so much fun. He is braver, funnier, chattier and more enthusiastic in the water than he is anywhere else. For most of bath time I find myself ready to call out "honey, come see what he just did.". It is the bomb.

  2. Cuddles on the couch before bed. Part of the beauty of this is that it happens just after bath time. We wind down. We snuggle. He's warm, safe and smells so good. Relaxed in my arms, it is amazing to know you make someone else feel safe and secure. Bliss.

  3. Reading books. I love the way his eyes follow the pictures and the way he looks at me to continue reading after I turn the page. I love how attentive he is, how interested, how intrigued. I love watching him want to learn.

  4. Seeing him with my parents. Is there anything better than seeing the people you love most in the world love and appreciate each other? They gave him his Mama, I gave them him - it's a fabulous exchange all around.

  5. A brand new start. This one is going to be hard to put in to words and may be slightly influenced by my role as a step-parent. I love that he has no pre-conceived notions, no hatreds, no fears, no hangups. I love that I can help guide him to be a moral, caring, loving, educated person and not fight the battle of un-teaching him things along the way. The responsibility attached to this is overwhelming and intimidating, but the possibilities are endless. I love that I can challenge myself to employ creative ways to share with him the best things I've learned and steer him around the mistakes that I've made. Of course...this ability fades with time & I do realize that! ;-)